Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sorry for my absence

Sorry I've been MIA. Just haven't been feeling very inspired. I think my first clomi.d cycle is a bust. I had some good bloodwork results for prog.esterone, but have still started spotting a little bit today. There should still be hope for this cycle, but I'm just not feeling it. Going away for the weekend. Hopefully I'll find some inspiration there.


JKH said...

Just wanted to check in with you. I know you've been a little down lately. I hope things are looking up for you! Sending you lots of good thoughts and many cyber (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Hey I found your stuff through Stirrup Queens and I wanted to just give you a hug new here and am about ready to start clomid *Hugz* Hang in there I know you feel uninspired but don't lose heart remember God doesn't give us things unless he knows we can handle it *Hugz* I'm cheering for you girl.

Someday a Mom? said...

I hope you are able to have a good weekend!