Monday, July 16, 2007

1001 excuses to postpone eating healthy and exercising

Well, maybe not 1001. If I wrote that many, I may have to put down the pint of Blue Bell Cookie Dough ice cream I'm eating. I could stand to lose about 30 pounds. I still think of myself as someone who is into yoga--even though I haven't been to a class in over a year. I also used to be a runner. Now, instead of wearing out running shoes, I'm wearing out my remote, my laptop, and the upholstery on my couch.

General excuses:

It's my grandmother's birthday. There will be cake.

My mother in law brought us ice cream and candy for movie night and there's some leftover.

There's leftover pizza in the fridge, and it would be wasteful not to eat it. (Ok, I guess I have some leftover issues)

I need to make a grocery list, go to the store, and buy some healthy food.

I need to clean out my refrigerator in order to fit all the healthy food.

I deserve comfort food because of insert complaint here.

Cycle related:

I don't want to shock my system and mess up insert cycle event here (ovulation, implantation, etc.).

If I get pregnant this cycle, I won't be able to diet anyway.

Both really poor excuses because eating healthy would probably help my fertility and, if I am so lucky, a pregnancy.

Feel free to add your own excuses to the list.

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JKH said...

I think I've used most of those excuses myself so you're not alone. Hoping the only "real" excuse for not dieting happens REALLY soon for you!!!